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We at Pokergame 868 try to do the best that we can do to help you with your poker games. Since poker is one of few betting games that offers players a chance to be successful with knowledge and experience, all we need to do is educate you as much as we can about this interesting card game.


Ofcourse Poker is a very well known betting game in the Casino world. It can be played nearly anywhere even outside Casino’s. Yet it can still be quite difficult to find a good trustworthy Casino to play a good game of Poker, which is why we’ve put together a list of certified trustworthy Online- and physical Casino’s for you.


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One thing sure about Poker is, anyone can be good at it. Ofcourse you need to be of age to be allowed to play, but you don’t have to be a pro at other card games or anything else for that matter (being good at bluffing could come in handy though), to be good at Poker……

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